Windsurfing film Clients: Fanatic, NorthSails, HOTSAILSMAUI, Severne, Starboard, Quatro, Goya, Campello, Levi Siver, Brawsinho… Youtube Collection over 100 Fanatic films… over 2 000 000 views just for Fanatic Windsurfing…

  • Fanatic Windsurfing, Surfing & Stand Up Surfing

Yearly Full-lenght DVD:s & development of Fanatic Boardriding Youtube Channel with over 2 000 000 views alone…

Over 12 years of filming for Fanatic and Production & Strategic Image & Promotional films

Pioneer in the Promos filming for the Brands in a special package that now the whole Market and most brands use ; a few examples:

NORTH SAILS Windsurfing films

Film Production & Strategic Image & Promotional films for years…

Some examples:

Simmer Style Windsurfing & Stand Up Surfing

A few examples:

Longer more content Movies:

Some classic Oldies but goodies 😀 Begining of Youtube Lowres 240p 😀