Carl Nyberg - Director & Creative Producer

From Stockholm lived by the sea and started sailing and windsurfing early and started taking pictures and footage of water friends.

Study at RMI Bergh´s : Graphic Design and Illustrations.

Still Photography side working with Jörgen Brennicke & Wolfgang Kleinschmidt in Fashion & Commercials.

Later TV & Commercial films – Director & Part-Director “Inslagsproducent” – freelancing since 1996 @ Mekano Film, Meter Film, STARK film, SVT and many more…

Media Production Company in Commercials, B2B, Information films since 1996;

Freelance Film Director & Producer in Commercial, B2B, Educational and Information Films: Some Clients:

Volvo, Volkswagen, Sandvik, Canal+, Avesta Polarit, Änglamark, Bredbandsbolaget, MultiCopy, SafeLine, DN, Meter, Stark, SIF, Skanova, Telia, McKinsey Group & Company, Fanatic, North Sails, Simmer Style, Colorama, HotSailsMaui, Card Of Joy, Nam, Bilsport&Mc Försäkringar,  … +many more…

Some long series: Volkswagen : Info-commercials and Educational films for 13 years.
Windsurfing brands most of the biggest: example: Fanatic Boards & More  : Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand Up Surfing films from 2002-2014; 12 years, building brands profiles, strategic, and content so now the whole windsurfing scene & market follow the look, style & promos 🙂

Under Construction… 🙂